RCM Product Return/Exchange Policy
If you are not satisfied with the products because of any manufacturing
defect, you may return it within 30 days from the date of purchase for a
exchange/refund as per the terms of the Returns/Exchange Policy.
The policy is applicable only for products in marketable condition,
accompanied with an original invoice. This policy does not apply to
products that have been intentionally damaged, mishandled or misused.
Important Notes:-
 The Direct Seller must return the product(s) to RCM Pick up Centres.
 Period of return for products is calculated as the number of days from
the Invoice Date, to the date of receipt at the PUC.
 Condition refers to the condition in which the stock is received back
from the Direct Seller as a return. The product can be 'marketable' or
'unmarketable' depending on the condition of the returned stock as
assessed at PUC.